HUT values

The HUT core values of inter-disciplinarity, scientific rigour, transparency and process justification are all key issues for us as university researchers. The vocation of the experience is profoundly human, open, and rooted in civil society and the challenges of society that affect it (positive impact on the ecological and social environment, data protection etc.).

Data protection

One of the principal objectives concerns the protection of collected data. The legal framework is constructed through the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The HUT mission is to determine the conditions of use of these “collected data lakes”, whilst at the same time respecting the users’ private life at an ethical and legal level.

The Ethics Committee

The Ethics Committee, an independent consultative body, has been set up for the HUT project. It can be mobilised by any member of the project, an occupier of the smart apartment or self-mobilised. Its independent statuts means it may deal with any questions and methodologies set up for the project in a free and ethical manner.