The Objectives of the Experiment HUman at home projecT

The 13 scientific laboratories are working together across disciplines and in collaboration with industrial and institutional partners, to explore and to anticipate new uses and behaviours, while seeking to behaviours prevent and avoid any ethical and unwanted consequences that may exist in the habitat of the future.

Human at home projecT

The origins of the project

We know now what technology will bring tomorrow, and what the technological developments will be. However, what we don’t know is how these advances will be used, and what risks they carry. In order to define the conditions of our well-being tomorrow in the home of the future, a new scientific, interdisciplinary approach was needed.
HUT was created from the meeting of the so-called “exact” sciences with the “human and social” sciences in order to determine together the optimal conditions of tomorrow’s housing.

This 3D video was directed by the LIFAM (Laboratoire innovation, Forme, Architectures, Milieux de Montpellier) and will enable you to visit the HUT apartment.

The scientific project HUman at home projecT

This longitudinal in-vivo experiment gives us the opportunity to question both the uses and interaction of human-machine in a smart apartment, and more widely, to identify the components and conditions of well-being and how to live comfortably in a connected environment.

Although technological innovations promise an easier, optimised daily life, questions on what is truly useful and acceptable persist. How can we interact with connected objects while maintaining control over our personal and intimate data? Is it really advisable to rely on the recommendations from these devices?
These issues, among others, are the focus of the work of the researchers involued in the project. Their aim is to identify how connected devices and the processing of the data they generate may be intrusive. The HUT project questions how to protect the occupants of the connected apartment from unwanted consequences and which other equipments will provide them with genuine services.

The challenges of this project are both technological and legal, but also ethical with implications for the society.
HUT is a project with a human vocation, whose final objective is to understand the new uses of connected objects, and to better design the housing of tomorrow for the residents of the future.