How will the living area of the future contribute to the well-being of its occupiers ?

Will the sensors and connected objects and the data they produce and analyse really meet the needs of the occupiers? Will they contribute to the occupier’s comfort, happiness…and well-being?

How do we anticipate new future uses ? With which objects ?

Comment vivrons-nous dans l’apparement du futur ? Comment l’aménagerons-nous ? Comment nous y déplacerons-nous ? Quels seront les nouveaux usages et comportements que les objets connectés et capteurs induiront ? Nous rendront-ils plus « responsables », plus libres et moins stressés ?

Man-Machine Interfaces and interactions

Which connected interfaces will facilitate the management of the home, as well as contributing to the well-being of its occupiers ? How will we use objects and data, while keeping control of our environment ?
How to communicate with these connected objects and interfaces to orchestrate the apartment of the future ? Voice, touch, gesture interactions ? What are the impacts of these different types of languages ? Are there any new ones that are going to emerge ?

How to control and manage "lakes" of personal data ?

Are the data produced by the inhabitant of this new habitat understandable and useful? Will they be accessible to him? How to translate them so that they are relevant ?
How to maintain control of personal data from housing in the face of digital giants ? With a legislative framework that is now obsolete, one of the objectives of this observatory apartment is to test issues related to the protection of privacy and to explore ways to renew this framework.